Incorporates a powerful LED light source, with a built in rechargeable battery and no switch. The Autotouch also comes complete with a strong carrying case, and a mains recharger.

Magnification: 3x / +8dpt
Lens size: 42mm diameter

Features - Touch control - The illumination system comes on automatically when you hold the handle and turns off when you put the magnifier down.

                    - The unit is rechargeable - Charge for 16-20 hours - no more than                             24hours

                    - Hard bodied carrying case


The lens design utilises the latest computer generated bi aspheric design to provide low image distortion. Although the magnifier will typically be used at a fairly close distance to the eye for maximum field of view the lens design allows for a low distortion image over a wide range of working distances.

COIL LED Aspheric Illuminated Pocket Magnifier

SKU: 3008
  • The shape and styling have been designed to provide a compact , lightweight magnifier which can be comfortably carried in a pocket or handbag. The smooth contours fit the hand and feel comfortable whilst in use.

    The 'Auto Touch' magnifier is easily operated even by patients with reduced manual  dexterity.The 'Touch Control' technology uses a sensitive capacitive technique, operating without the need for pressure or electrical conduction.