- Natural Vision at all distances

Since the introduction of the Varilux brand over fifty years ago, Essilor has worked in conjunction with eyecare professionals like H Dickinson & Co in a bid to improve the design, visual quality and appearance of spectacle lenses so that presbyopic patients (generally all those aged 40+) are able to enjoy the freedom of natural vision at all distances.

                    Varilux is not just one lens design. There are numerous designs within the Varilux family of lenses. Our staff at H Dickinson & Co will be happy to discuss which lens best suits your specific requirements.

Transition Lenses

- Lenses that adapt naturally to whatever light conditions you encounter

Transition lenses are lenses which lighten or darken depending on the light conditions present. As with all Essilor lenses you are not limited in your choice. Pick Brown, Gray or now Iconic Green to enhance the appearance of your spectacle frame. You may additionally want to combine your Transition lenses with any of the numerous Crizal coatings available - just ask a member of staff for details.

Crizal Lenses

- Enhancing your vision and aesthetic appearance

Crizal Lenses is actually the name given to the family of coatings which can be applied to virtually all of the Essilor range of lenses. Coatings are applied to lenses for numerous reasons but are typically to provide the following improvements to the lens :

  • Dust resistance

  • Scratch resistance

  • Smudge Resistance

  • UV Protection

  • Water Resistance

  • Glare Resistance



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