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June 9, 2016

A commonly recurring question arising within the optical sector is ' Can I have new lenses fitted into my existing frames ?'. This is usually followed by one or more of the following comments :-

'The frames are the most expensive part'

'My current frames are fine I have...

May 19, 2016

A service is now running in Doncaster where Glaucoma patients attending the hospital that are considered to be stable can be seen in community optical practices.


Am I suitable to use the service ?

You are likely to be considered stable and a suitable candidate for the s...

May 13, 2016

A frequently asked question within the busy practice is 'Why are some varifocals more expensive than others ?'. The simple answer to that question is that they are not all the same. That is something difficult

to grasp especially when one lens mounted in a spectacle fra...

May 6, 2016

Patients can frequently be seen in practice and have attended an eye examination because they experience a blurring/haziness/loss of clarity etc. many of these patients are experiencing these symptoms because they are developing cataract. When asked if they know or und...

May 5, 2016

One of the most commonly heard questions within the opticians practice is ' How can I clean my glasses?'. Patients use a variety of substitutes to clean their spectacles. By substitutes I mean such favorites as Clothing , Dish Soap, Glass Cleaners,Tissue/Paper Products...

May 1, 2016

Congratulations to Prof Robert MacLaren and his team of research scientists in Oxford who this week announced success in partially reversing an inherited and previously untreatable eye condition via gene therapy.

Choroideremia is a genetically aquired defect which progr...

April 27, 2016

From an optometrists point of view one of the most frustrating things regularly occuring in practice is the patient attending for an eye examination - we meticulously go through the examination procedure and arrive at a prescription which gives that individual better,i...

April 25, 2016

It never ceases to amaze , the reactions you see in practice when a whole new world is opened up to the  patients receiving their first pair of new glasses.



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