Doncaster Community Stable Glaucoma Monitoring Service

A service is now running in Doncaster where Glaucoma patients attending the hospital that are considered to be stable can be seen in community optical practices.

Am I suitable to use the service ?

You are likely to be considered stable and a suitable candidate for the service if you do not currently take any medication or your Glaucoma medication has not been changed for a period of time and your visual field tests show no deterioration in your condition. Often suitable patients are already being seen in nurse led clinics rather than being reviewed by the consultant.

The service will enable you to attend a more locally convenient site with greater appointment flexibility rather than having to travel to the hospital,which has traditionally provided this service. All your usual examinations will be carried out.

What happens if there are some changes to my eye condition ?

If there are changes in your eye condition, the eye care prasctitioner will ensure your consultant is notified and your consultant will invite you into his hospital clinic to review your eyes and the changes that have been reported.

How do I know that the high street opticians can look after my eyes ?

All the eyecare practitioners participating in this new service have received specific training to ensure that your care continues to be first class and that your eye condition is looked after at all times.

Ask at your next hospital appointment if you are a suitable patient to be discharged into the Community Stable Glaucoma Monitoring Service and we will be happy to continue your care with our accredited optometrist.

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