We've made history with Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray - the first liposomal eye spray available in the UK market. Revolutionising the way that people deal with dry eyes, Dry Eye Spray quickly established itself as the go to product for dry eye health, fixing the evaporative dry eye problem that is so prevalent in today's world. For those who suffer from non-evaporative dry eye, we have developed Eye Logic Dry Eye Drops - preservative free eye drops which come in an easy to use Opthalmic Dropper, making it simple to use even for those with arthritic hands.

Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray

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  • Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray stabilises the lipid layer of the dry eye improving lubrication of the eyes and eyelids. Improves comfort for wearers of contact lenses. Can be applied when wearing makeup.

    Instructions for Use

    Hold approximately 10cm away from your closed eye and spray 1-2 times on each eye.